Sportnik na osnovi impreze

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Sportnik na osnovi impreze

Odgovor Avtor: Freak » 13. Julij 2006, 22:27

Poleg P2 se se o necem drugem razmislja :cool:

A brand new sports car, currently codenamed the AMS1, is set to be unleashed upon the market in the summer of 2006. With monocoque construction and the four wheel drive turbocharged underpinnings of the iconic Subaru Impreza, performance is stunning with contemporary styling to match.

Available in either component form for self assembly or as a fully built car the AMS1 weighs in at only 900kgs*. With a realistic on the road price of £15,000 for the self constructed vehicles and factory built options from £19,000 the AMS1 offers true super-car performance at hot hatchback prices.

It is time to realise your dreams, contact us today to find out more about the AMS1.

In addition to producing the AMS1, Adrenaline Motorsport can also build or complete unfinished projects from other kit manufacturers, provide motorsport preparation services for race, rally, sprint or hillclimb, and supply a wide range of performance parts. Please contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have.

*the finished vehicles can weigh more or less than 900kgs depending on final specifications of each individual car

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Odgovor Avtor: galimim » 13. Julij 2006, 22:39

Sline se mi cedijo :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Odgovor Avtor: Mr-B » 31. Oktober 2007, 11:12 ... eroce.html
a je tale bil za osnovo al je celo predhodnik?
Speed kills - drive faster!!!


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